• Do-it-yourself

    copyright registration

    for artists, makers,

    crafters, and designers

    Know, protect, and exercise your rights as a creator

  • Protect Your Work

    Learn how to register your work with the U.S. Electronic Copyright Office

    Whether you create art for fun, for profit, or both. Rights to your own original designs remain protected, and you will be prepared if anyone alleges that you've violated their intellectual property rights.

    You don't need an attorney or paid online services

    U.S. copyright registration requires one form, one fee, and zero attorneys. With Copyright for Artists you'll receive clear, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for acquiring copyright protection with the U.S. Copyright Office yourself.

    Confused about copyright, trademarks, and patents?

    All aspects of intellectual property law explained in clear, easy to follow terms. Trademark law, patent law, trade secret law, and contract law—Copyright for Artists contains information about these other forms of intellectual property protection.

    Thinking about licensing your work?

    Registering your creation is important before entering into a copyright licensing agreement. You will learn the basics of copyright law to help you determine what is best for your business before you make any important decisions.

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    For professional and amateur artists, makers, crafters, and designers in the U.S.

    A quick and easy guide to copyright protection for drawings and paintings, sculptures, jewelry designs, needlework and weaving designs, original prints, sewing patterns, posters and ads. Copyright for Artists does not apply to non-U.S. works, musical works, or literary works.

  • Highlights and Testimonials

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    Plain English, not legalese

    "Sarah spells everything out in a very clear manner. I feel so much better about following through with applying for a copyright."

    ~ Dotty R.

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    Answers to frequently asked questions

    "This e-book is, by far, the clearest and most concise information regarding copryright law specific to artists."

    ~ Cammie C.

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    Helpful illustrations and friendly charts

    "Your book broke down an intimidating topic and process into easy to work with parts. I never thought IP would be so interesting."

    ~ Kevin C.

  • The Laws of Ring Pops

    A fun primer on intellectual property laws by Sarah Feingold at Ignite NYC

  • Sarah Feingold, Esq.

    Attorney and Jeweler

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    Born an artist, Sarah decided the best way to protect creative folk like herself was to become an attorney


    After graduating law school, Sarah cannonballed into Etsy as the company's 17th employee and first lawyer. For nearly a decade, while playing an integral role in scaling Etsy from a startup to a publicly traded company, she helped thousands of artists and makers understand copyright law and protect their creations. Sarah continues to share her legal knowledge with students who take her "Media Law" class at NYU.

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    Copyright for Artists

    Copyright for Artists

    Copyright for Artists is over 30 pages long, and explains how to register for U.S. copyright protection of visual art for artists, makers, crafters, and designers. It does not apply to non-U.S. works, musical works, and literary works. Copyright for Artists contains:
    1. Clear and easy to follow copyright information.
    2. Step-by-step instructions for acquiring copyright protection with the U.S. Copyright Office. 
    3. Information about other types of intellectual property protection.
    4. Answers to frequently asked questions.
    5. Fun and useful visuals.
    6. Helpful and easy to read charts.
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