Copyright for Artists
Copyright for Artists
Copyright for Artists is over 30 pages long, and explains how to register for U.S. copyright protection of visual art for artists, makers, crafters, and designers. It does not apply to non-U.S. works, musical works, and literary works. Copyright for Artists contains:
1. Clear and easy to follow copyright information.
2. Step-by-step instructions for acquiring copyright protection with the U.S. Copyright Office. 
3. Information about other types of intellectual property protection.
4. Answers to frequently asked questions.
5. Fun and useful visuals.
6. Helpful and easy to read charts.
Coming soon
Coming soon
"Copyright for Artists" is designed to aid and educate entrepreneurs and artists about their copyright rights. The eBook is based on United States law. Nothing contained within this website or "Copyright for Artists" constitutes or intends to be legal advice. The author disclaims all responsibility for any and all losses, damages, or causes of action that may arise or be connected with the use of these materials. Consult a licensed attorney for information and advice concerning specific questions.

Please respect copyright law and refrain from duplicating or otherwise forwarding on the eBook without the express permission of the author.